“Embryone is a new agency specialising in the organisation of fertility treatments abroad. We understand that distance as well as a different language and culture can add to the stress of fertility treatment. Therefore, the staff at Embryone are committed to welcoming patients and families to their associated reference clinics to ensure a straightforward and comfortable stay. 

Patients travel to the clinics from locations such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and Japan. We are able to successfully accommodate our international patients by maintaining a solid network of fellow providers who help to facilitate communication, treatment plans and organise the logistics involved in the process of fertility treatment abroad. 

How is this achieved? The aim is for patients to stay close to home for as long as possible. Our reproductive endocrinologists and nurses coordinate with each respective patient’s doctor to ensure that required fertility tests and monitoring can take place at a fertility clinic near home. When the time comes to transition to the reference clinic, we work closely with patients and providers to arrange travel and accommodation, manage treatment plans, and ensure good communication. In overseeing the planning of fertility treatment abroad in this way, a patient’s stay at the reference clinic can be limited to just 10 days for treatments such as IVF.” 

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