What is gender selection and how does it work?

The embryo gender selection program at Embryone offers families an opportunity to choose the gender of their next child for family balancing purposes. Embryone understands the importance of gender selection in North Cyprus to make a wanton family complete and whole. That is why we are giving patients the upper hand in choosing the gender of their planned offspring.

Upon the completion of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) at the Embryone laboratory, suitable embryos undergo the embryo biopsy procedure to determine the sex of each embryo. The genetic testing procedure used to determine the gender is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and the results of which are presented to the patients for their gender preference. The selected embryo based on the desired gender is then returned to the womb of the mother. Embryos which are not chosen are stored safely in the IVF laboratory for future use when the need arises.

The gender selection program in North Cyprus has become one of our most popular services at Embryone. We have catered for a sizable number of couples from all over the globe with affirmative outcomes and commendable satisfaction from our time in operation.

The embryo biopsy and PGD procedure will not only reveal the gender of the child, but can also be used to detect genetic disorders that may express after the child is born. This screening procedure can allow selection of healthy embryos to prevent the occurrence of unwanted genetic diseases after delivery. For more information on PGD please refer to this link: ‘PGD in Cyprus’ on our Embryone website. For any enquiries regarding our gender selection program, please complete the ‘Gender selection in Cyprus Contact Form’ so that we can link you promptly to one of our experts to answer your questions about this procedure.


North Cyprus stands to be the only country in the world that has legalized gender selection through PGD. Our medical IVF and OB-Gyne specialist Embryone doctor, is backed by many years of training and experience on IVF procedures and gender selection through PGD. The Embryone doctor is also the only Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist licensed to perform IVF and PGD in the whole of Cyprus. The Embryone PGD process may require the mother to stay in the centre for at least a week (7 days), granting that stimulation and monitoring will be carried out at home (country of origin). Our accommodating guest relations officers at Embryone will ensure your absolute comfort and relaxation in your accommodation in North Cyprus. To date, PGD remains to be the only procedure where gender selection success rates exceed 99.9% making North Cyprus the leading country in sex selection.

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