A popular destination for IVF treatment abroad is Cyprus. 

Checking entry requirements for travelling to any country for IVF treatment is essential. UK passport holders do not need a visa for entry.

Embryo Donation Cyprus

Embryo donation is allowed in North and South Cyprus. This treatment uses fresh egg and sperm donation. This has the highest success rate since both egg and sperm donors are young, fit and healthy when they donate.

Egg Donation Cyprus

Egg and sperm donors in Cyprus have to be tested by law for infectious diseases. These are Hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, CMV and Rubella. Karyotyping (this is where the chromosomes within the cells of the donor are analysed for abnormalities) is not standard but may be available in some clinics. Other screening tests may also be done depending on the clinic. Whilst the donation is anonymous, a lot of information is available to recipients about their donor:

• Age

• Nationality

• Height

• Weight

• Blood type

• Skin colour

• Hair colour

• Eye colour

• Educational background

• Occupation and Previous donation history can all be accessed early on

IVF Laws North Cyprus

The IVF laws in North Cyprus the government has stated the following:

• Single women and same sex patients can be treated

• Sex selection for family balancing is not allowed except for medical reasons

• The maximum age of a donor is 35 years

• The maximum number of embryos allowed to be transferred is 3

• Surrogacy is not allowed in North Cyprus

• 45 years of age is the legal maximum age for IVF treatments although clinics can use discretion with patients up to 55 years as long as they meet certain criteria and have undergone specific tests for “Fitness for Pregnancy”

• Egg freezing is permitted

• There is no restriction on how long embryos, eggs and sperm are stored

Safety and Quality in IVF Clinics Cyprus 

Clinics in the North need a license to operate and this is overseen by the government’s Health Ministry. They are inspected annually and without notice to ensure that they comply.

Some clinics may also have ISO accreditation as well as local accreditation.

In the North, IVF success rates are not submitted to a governing body and so there is no independent verification of these results. We have asked clinics for their up-to-date results. 

North Cyprus is very popular with people who opt for treatment abroad because it offers low cost IVF treatment in a familiar setting with affordable and easy travel options. However, it is prudent to check that your travel insurance covers you for medical treatments if you are having treatment in either the North Cyprus as they fall under different jurisdictions.

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