RI Witness


What is RI Witness?

RI Witness uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to detect and monitor all activity in the IVF Laboratory, thereby helping to mitigate the potential risk of human error every time samples are moved from one dish or tube to another. RI Witnesssafeguards every step of the IVF cycle and provides an added layer of security to assure patient and
donor identification.

Why Do I Need RI Witness?

Many embryologists tell us that the risk of human error concerns them, and from time to time, the media reports an error which has wide-reaching effects; not only on the family but also the embryologists, the lab and the wider community’s perception of IVF practices. Primarily, RI Witness was designed to mitigate this risk. Through constant monitoring it reduces the chance of human error associated with repetitive tasks and misperception

Compared to other witnessing protocols, RI Witness involves less disruption and accelerates the speed of witnessing which can reduce the time an embryo is out of the incubator.

In response to ongoing customer feedback, RI Witness has been developed to include many time-saving features to make laboratory work more efficient. RI Witness does the work of many people, thereby freeing up staff members to carry out more procedures, reduce interruptions, and increasing overall laboratory safety and efficiency. It can also be used as a quality management tool ensuring consistent adoption of laboratory protocols and monitoring staff performance and simplifying audits due to the electronic record generated.

Using RI Witness, provides your clinic with a competitive advantage while offering a secure, patient-orientated service.

How Does It

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