Embryone offers surrogacy solutions and services of all kinds under one roof. This includes options for own gametes (egg and sperm) to be used, egg donation(anonymous/non anonymous), or sperm donation, genetic screenings and gender selection. We are proud to offer services to couples that are married/not married, or wish to embark on single parenting, or same sex parenting.

We provide a very strongly managed service supporting recipients ,surrogates and gamete donors. We understand that the surrogacy process needs to be approached emotionally and professionally. We would happily answer any questions or concerns you may have to support you throughout all procedures with confidence every step of the way.

Embryone`s legal team ensures that your legal rights of parenting are affirmed and guaranteed. Whether you obtain a second-parent adoption, judgment of paternity/maternity, or custody orders, we are here to guide you and find solutions that protect your family. It is at upmost importance to know that we are able to provide the legal status you will need wherever you plan to live with your child to ensure you will be recognised as the parents and can look after your child without any risk of state interference or (worst case scenario) removal.

Egg donation makes the most of our modern-day knowledge and understanding of biology, genetics, fertility and technology, in order to enable women and couples who may be struggling or unable to conceive a child to fulfil that wish. The process involves a donor giving her eggs to a recipient patient, who has requested them so to increase her chances of becoming pregnant and having her own biological child.

Inn addition to our years of experience working with same-sex couples, we continue to monitor legal and procedual developments around the world that affect all of our intended parents pursuing surrogacy.

Whit our highly experienced team and high success rates we ara confident in the abbilty to provide a successfull program  for a take-home baby and now are able to offer a MONEY BANK GAURANTE* (see bottom of page for details on requirements)

Stages of the Surrogacy Treatment Program:

1) Selection of the surrogate mother

Initial check up for the surrogate mother;

Acceptance into our program will require the following;

-An emotional /psychological assesment by our counselors

-Candidate surrogates must undergo a thorough criminal record check via our Law Office -Hysterosalpingography intervention.(To assure visualisation of fallopian tubes and uterine cavity)

-Endometrial lining measurement on the 2nd. half of the cyle of the surrogate for implantation success

-Blood tests,

2) The surrogate will undergo a pshycological support programme until she has her menstrual period.

3) After the period begins the surrogate then starts medication for 17-19 days.

As the surrogate undergoes medication treatment, the family’s embryo preparation is completed -for female oocyte collection parent may use own eggs, donor eggs (anonymous/non anonymous or from a known person or relative of the Intended parents- egg donor’s screening(Cystic Fibrosis,Karyotyping,Hb Electrophoresis) and Toxicology tests will be provided.

-Sperm can be provided by male partner or via sperm donation

-With same sex male partners sperm may be used from one or the other partner or, both partners can provide a sample where 2 embryos are made and transfered.

4) Embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother

5) Any remaining embryos that are of suitable and of survivable quality will be frozen for use, if

needed in the future.

6) The surrogate mother is then monitored by our caretakers for 12 days.

7) Pregnancy may be confirmed by doing a urine or blood test on the 12th day after transfer.

  1. A) if result is negative, we then prepare for another cycle.

——pleaes note İf the result is still negative after the third attempt *fresh or frozen*, you have to pay for new embryos to be made.

  1. B) if results are positive then the follow up of the pregnancy beging.

    8) Pregnancy

    8.1) 15 days after the positive result is obtained, the baby’s sac is monitored on screen to check for reassurance via trans-abdominal ultrasound scan

    8.2) Medication is given everyday, under the supervision of our nurse

    8.3) 9 week gestational scan performed to confirm heartbeat

    8.4 )surrogate placed in one of our comfortable facilities in Famagusta /Cyprus

    8.5) A diet programme conducted by a dietician is pescribed to the surrogate mother 8.6) Routine checkups are then carried out up until 8 months of pregnancy

    9) After the 8th month, the surrogate mother is taken under a strict 24 hour surveillance care at the hospital until she gives birth.

    9.1) NST will be taken out daily

    9.2) Blood pressure will be controlled

    9.3) Blood and urine tests are carried out weekly

    10) Birth

    11) Paperwork is then completed within 15 days after birth and the surrogate mother is sent home and baby is given to family once all final check ups are done

    —note that Same sex parents’ babies may only have one parents name on the birth certificate. İt is only legal in cases of multiples births where both parents names can be used and in that case, it is one name for one child and the other for the other child. 2 fathers/mothers names cant be on the birth certificate at the same time as this has not yet been legalised.

Costs included in Surrogacy Program:

  1. A) All tests conducted by the laboratuary
  2. B) Transfer of surrogate mother
  3. C) Medication
  4. D) Rent (paid for the surrogate mother)
  5. E) Water, electric, safety and cleaning costs F) Food, clothing and daily hygiene costs
  6. G) Dietician
  7. H) Physiotherapist
  8. I) Psychologist
  9. J) Amount to be given to the surrogate mother

K)Medical cost of surrogate for any complication throughout pregnancy L) Birth costs


N)Legal fees

Embryone Money back Guarantee Criteria and Details

Intended Parents are offered the full fee of payments reimbursed when a take home baby is not supplied within 2.5 yrs of treatment. Criteria for reimbursement is as follows:

-Female providing oocytes for embryo preparation must have a minumum of 10 follicles for stimulation/or egg donation to be used

-Sperm must have a minumum 5% motility/or sperm donation -a minimum or 3 egg collections

-All frozen embryos transferred

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